Please read carefully before you make your reservation Maily created for the practice of fist-fucking, BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS, our place has been thought out with a “home” spirit, and we wish it to be a place of sharing and togetherness, where everyone can blossom, as an individual, but being part of a group as well. All has been made for everyone to rejoyce in a fun, relaxed an SEXY atmosphere, like a house for ‘the Big Fisting Family”. Certain rules are mandatory for our place to work properly : - You can have SEX in the areas created for that purpose (Don’t bring the guy you picked up at the pool to fist him on the kitchen table!) - The essence of HARD SEX is mutual trust; therefore, for everyone’s peace of mind, please respect your partner and his practices. - BEDROOMS are made to rest, please be thoughtful for those who want to sleep ! Further more, for safety reasons and hygiene, the use of Crisco, J-Lub and other lubricants is not allowed in these premises. - For the rooms made for more than 2 persons, you’ll find individual lockers, with a key, to put your personal belongings. La Fistinière will not be responsable for any item lost, stolen or destroyed. - Cars are parked on the parking lot and locked. - For safety reasons and hygiene, the use of Crisco, J-Lub and other lubricants is not allowed in the swimming pool and surrounding area. La Fistinière is a private etablishment, but like for any commercial place, French law is enforced : Drugs : Drug traficking is forbidden. Liquor : As a guest house, are not allowed to sell liquor without a meal. Smoking : La Fistinière is a private etablishment, therefore not considered a public place. Smoking is allowed everywhere, except in the bedrooms, in order to respect the stay os non smokers. Neighborhood : We are totally isolated in the countryside. Nonetheless, we must make sure not to be prosecuted for lewd conduct. Thanks for not running around naked outside the poperty, not fucking where you could be exposed to potential passers-by, not “howling to the moon” during your outdoors play. Sounds carry far in the countryside ! Sexuality : Fully aware of its responsabilities in this domain, the management of La Fistinière places at your disposal all the supplies (condoms, gloves...) for the prevention of Sexually Transmised Diseases. “Protected or unprotected pratices must be made un full agreement between players, barebakers being fully responsible of their behavior” All reservations made imply the acceptance os these rules. In case of lack of respect os these regulations during a stay, the infringers would be asked to leave immediatly.
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